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What products can be used in Electroporation?
Can a product have a color variation with different lot numbers?
When and how to apply the product Seduction?
If we apply ELIXIR before putting on make-up, can we also apply the beauty ampoule BEAUTY CRAZY?
Should the Alissi Bronte depigmentation extract "Perfect White" be applied on the entire face or only in areas that show signs of altered pigmentation?
I've been using your strengthening eyelashes cream, REPAIR CREAM, for several years. However, in the cosmetic center where I always buy it, I have been told that the format have been changed and now comes in combination with a black eyelashes mask, and there is no possibility of buying it individually. Can you tell me whether there is any center in Madrid where I can get the cream in the old format? On the other hand, visiting your website, I saw that you can buy it online, but I cannot find this product. Is it possible to buy it online? It would be very comfortable.


All products of Alissi Bronte with aqueous phase can be used in Electroporation.

Electroporation or Virtual Mesotherapy is based on athermal electromagnetic waves that allow the transdermal penetration of any therapeutic active applied on the skin.

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