Region of Murcia

Alissi Brontë’s laboratories are characterized by a continuous process of research and development of the most advanced scientific cosmetics.

They have knowledge of the most effective raw materials in our fertile land, which is known for its natural resources:

The Orchard of Murcia, also known as “The Orchard of Europe”. The city is famous among others for wine, rice, olive oil, lemons, fruit, vegetables and essential oils, etc. This is mainly due to the regional microclimate, the warm coast close by, the higher interior with its continental climate and the mountain ranges with their forests and aromatic plants.

The Mediterranean Sea and the special Mar Menor, an inland sea which has a large, strong concentration of important marine salts, algae and muds, with extraordinary properties. There is a tradition here of hot baths and spas.

Wines with their guarantee of origin. The production of high quality wine has existed since the ancient Romans and the Guarantees of Origin of the wines of Jumilla, Yecla and Bullas stand out, being acknowledged and protected by the European Union VCPRO and allowing us to carry out outstanding Wine Therapy.

All of this allows our laboratories to select the most natural and effective ingredients for each type of formula.

The combination of the best natural ingredients, with continuous research and development in our laboratories, and a long history gives us a profound understanding of the needs of cosmetic professionals.

All production processes and materials used are subject to the most stringent quality controls.

The Alissi Brontë laboratories are authorized by the General Directorate of Pharmacy and Health Care Products and the Ministry of Health and Consumption for the Production, Control and Storage of cosmetics (1483CS) and for advanced aesthetic and medical devices too (723PS). We have developed the most advanced systems for the fulfilment of the most exacting technical and health standards at a worldwide level, in accordance with European regulations, the FDA, GOST-R, etc ...

Alissi Brontë is certified in ISO 9001 Quality Management for the design, manufacture and marketing of cosmetic products.

Alissi Brontë is certified in UNE 166002 Research and Developing Laboratory. Alissi Brontë collaborates with the University of Murcia and its Dermatology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology recognized department developing advanced scientific researchings and testings.

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